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Sifone Linea

Traps for floor even showers

Linea: canalina doccia filo pavimento


An effective system for creating floor even showers.

It consists of a main trapped body and a wide range of grids in various sizes that allows floor even showers to be created in various dimensions.
The adjustment of the height of the grid support and the trap body allows adaptation to different installation requirements and to different covering depths.

Sifone doccia linea


Highly attractive aesthetic solution.

Adjustment in height of the trap body from 111 to 143 mm.

Stainless steel grids with a refined design available in the following lengths: 300 - 700 800 - 900 - 1000 - 1200 mm.

50 mm of hydraulic seal for an effective barrier against odours.

Possibility to customize of the grid design.

Flow o 40 f waste water equal to 40 l/min.

Possibility of tiling the grid with the same covering as the bathroom floor.

Trap body in ABS to facilitate the adhesion of the waterproofing systems.

Adjustment in height of the grid support from 7 to 15 mm for a perfect match with the tile depth.


Maximum customization

Possibility of tiling the grid with the same covering as the bathroom floor.

The tilable grid is made of stainless steel, it is reversible and can also be used as a blind grid.

Linea garantisce la massima personalizzazione

The installation


Phase 1

The package includes:

  • the trap body with hydraulic seal
  • the support kit for the adjustment in height
  • a protection cap in expanded polystyrene
  • the grid support, adjustable in height
  • the instruction sheet for installation

The grid must be purchased separately.


Phase 2

After fixing the supports to the trap body, connect the waste pipe to the trap body (diameter 50 mm), adjust the height of the feets to reach the desired height.


Phase 3

Verify the correct planarity of the trap body with a spirit level.

Create the slab with an adequate slope for correct drainage (minimum slope 2%).


Phase 4

Proceed with the waterproofing of the floor and walls.


Phase 5

Remove the protection in expanded polystyrene and adjust the height of the grid support to the depth of the covering.
Proceed with tile laying.


Phase 6

If using the tiled grid, after laying the covering in the grid, place it in the support.
The tilable grid is made of stainless steel and can also be used as a inox grid.


Phase 7

Before inserting the Valsir design grid, proceed with the installation of the suitable spacers.


Phase 8

To clean the system just remove the grid and the conveyor.