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Respect for our environment has a cost, but also a value.

Panoramica Ambiente

Our valley and its people have taught us that efficient production processes and reliable products are not the only parameters by which the conduct of a company should be evaluated.

Of equal importance is the capacity of the company and its management to design and implement production processes that are sustainable from an environmental point of view.

Valsir has always been committed to manufacture recyclable products and the implementation of sustainable processes, in line with the most advanced Green Building principles (green building and environmentally friendly project design), and today boasts highly sustainable production plants which, thanks to the use of renewable energies and planning that aims at the conservation of resources, have obtained the energy certication in class A.

The consistency of Valsir’s commitment is shown by its product approvals which amount to over 160 in total obtained around the world from the most severe certification bodies (figure updated on 06/02/2013), and by the quality system in compliance with the European Standard UNI EN ISO 9001:2008.

A Class A building

Stabilimento di classe A

A total covered surface area of 38,000 m2 of which 8,000 are used for production and 30,000 for the storage of goods. 16,000 m2 of external area is used for cargo handling operations. Completion and start-up in just 365 days. These are not the only characteristics, howerver, that distinguish the new Valsir premises: it was studied in minute detail to reduce environmental impact and energy consumption.

The materials and colours for the external finishes were chosen in order to achieve a correct integration with the surrounding environment, obtaining a perfect union with the narrow Valle Sabbia and reducing the visual impact to a minimum.

The entire building is perfectly insulated in order to reduce energy loss to a minimum and designed in such a way as to take full advantage of natural sunlight for illumination purposes.

A total of 1,000 kW of photovoltaic panels were installed on the roof in addition to the 1,000 Kw photovoltaic installation that was fitted in 2011 on the premises in Vestone.

From a systems point of view, the building was designed in order to make the best use of energy sources and to reduce consumption to a minimum. All the internal surfaces are heated with a low temperature floor heating system that is fed by a heat pump, which at the same time produces refrigerated water for the production processes. In this way, one single energy source satisfies two demands contemporarily.

On the outside 60 km of pipe were installed, which, in winter, cool at zero cost the water used in production while also acting as a snowmelt system for the outside areas. The new production centre in Vobarno is one of the first European factories in energy class A.

The photovoltaic park

Parco fotovoltaico

The Valsir company headquarters in Vestone (Brescia) underwent a significant energy upgrade. The recent investment involved the replacement of 14,000 sq m of roof covering with a more high performing roof that was capable of accommodating a 1000 kWp photovoltaic plant