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In Valsir the future is not open to improvisation but is built day by day.

Valsir academy team

In Valsir, we are convinced that training activities that involve the sharing of knowledge and the experiences gained, as well as dealing with the technical or technological aspects of the products, offer participants a solid and valid advantage in the long term.

It is for this reason that training has been a fundamental activity in Valsir for the past 25 years and Valsir Academy was set up in order to promote the professional growth of its associates, clients and partners by offering a wide and ample choice of courses and specific refresher programmes.

A place of dialogue of mutual benefit that allows those that work out in the field to gain skills that are not always readily accessible and the company to maintain its position in the market thanks to the priceless feedback obtained on its products and their applications.

Because in Valsir the future is not open to improvisation but is built day by day.

Our values


our training activities tell of our experiences gained in the field over 25 years of business.


to work together with passion and enthusiasm in order to obtain real improvements in day to day activities.


thorough and transparent dialogue with participants with the aim of sharing knowledge.


an ethical and sustainable market approach that respects man and the environment.

The structure

The heart of Valsir Academy is in Vestone, in Val Sabbia, just a few kilometres from Lake Garda in the company’s headquarters.

Stabilimento Valsir Vestone

The structure was completely modernized in 2014 and includes 5 halls with a total seating capacity for over 130 participants, including:

  • A multimedia hall with videoconferencing facilities.
  • A training room specifically designed for planners with installations that demonstrate the key points of the systems created with Valsir products.
  • A room designed specifically for courses on the use of the Silvestro® software program with laptops for participants and a simultaneous interpreting cabin.
  • A conference room which seats 85 people to cater for large groups.

The vobarno logistics and production centre

Stabilimento Valsir Vobarno

On 22 August 2012 in just under a year since work commenced on its foundations, the Vobarno logistics and production centre was completed and is today fully operational.

These facilities house the production of Valsir’s 4 product lines for waste systems, the Pexal® and Mixal® multilayer pipes and the logistics centre, over a surface area of 75,000 sq m. The building (one of the first in Europe to have obtained a class A efficiency rating) is a rare example of technological efficiency working for the environment: 30% of energy requirements are in fact met by renewable resources and all of the production phases were analysed with the aim of eliminating inefficiencies and wastage.

A visit to the logistics and production centre and Valsir laboratories is an integral part of the majority of the training courses.

Course participation


The various training modules are designed to be flexible and are built around the needs of our partners. Courses with plumbers, both in-house and locally, are organized in collaboration with our retailers and area sales agents who assist us in coordinating subscriptions and in setting the objectives for each meeting.

Courses with planners are organized with our agencies who are always well-informed on scheduled training events.

Valsir also organises conventions on the most topical themes of interest for the plumbing and heating industry in collaboration with professional bodies and associations.

For more information on upcoming scheduled events please visit our site www.valsir.it/academy, or ask your trusted retailer or our area sales agents.

Attendance at courses organized by Valsir is free of charge.

Training offers

Offerta formativa

Valsir Academy offers a range of standard courses that focus on the most importance technologies and applications.

Programmes can also be personalised according to specific training needs.
Specific training events are organised periodically across the country, as well as training sessions on-site with groups of plumbers.


The team of instructors in Valsir Academy is composed of specialised technicians who are engaged daily in the design of complex systems and in finding solutions to problems in their implementation.


Gabriele Vitali

Degree in Mechanical Engineering in the area of technology and construction, he has been working for Valsir since 1995. He has gained vast experience over the years and has covered many roles and has become part of the growth and success of the Company.


Luca Bettini

Degree in Mechanical Engineering, he has been a part of the Technical Office in Valsir since 2011. The variety of the tasks that he covers reflects the vitality of his disposition on a personal level.


Matteo Bettinsoli

Industrial Engineer, he has been employed in Valsir since September 2006, he is the youngest member of the training team.


Ibsen Taesi

High school diploma in scientific studies and a solid technical background, he joined Valsir in 2008.


Endrich Vallini

He has been part of the Valsir Technical Office since 2010 and following the period of training he immediately demonstrated a preference for on-site activities.

Training courses

A. Courses for plumbers

Full, well-structured and flexible (also in terms of time) to satisfy all the needs of plumbers.

Each training module terminates with a visit to Valsir’s quality control laboratories and its production plants.

Direct contact with Valsir production technologies allows participants to fully understand the reality of our company that has made research and development its passport for the future

B. Courses for planners

A range of courses and seminars designed to provide a complete overview of all the problems (technical and legal) and the solutions regarding the design of plumbing and heating systems.

Each training module is concluded with a tour of the quality control laboratories and the production plants

Direct contact with Valsir production technologies allows participants to fully understand the reality of our company that has made research and development its passport for the future

C. Course for show room consultants, architects and interior designers

Valsir Design bathroom products is an ambitious project destined to the showroom channel, constituting a wide range of control plates for flush cisterns and the line of floor even shower systems.

This course provides a complete overview of the Valsir Design control plates, an in-depth evaluation of the range of floor even shower systems and the unusual installation arrangements for flush cisterns and information on Ariapur, the revolutionary odour extractor that represents the ideal solution for the renewal of air in the bathroom.