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Valsir S.p.a
Waste and water
supply systems, underfloor heating system
and flush cisterns


The natural completion
for a Valsir cistern.


Valsir matches its cisterns with a series of push plates that offer a meticulous and clean style, manufactured in various finishes using ABS or metal.

Valsir plates and controls meet the criteria of maximum functionality and take on an important role in terms of aesthetics expressed by the position of the WC in the bathroom.

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ABS Plates

P1, white

P1, polished black

P1, satin black

P1, polished chrome

P1, satin chrome

P2, white

P2, polished chrome

P2, satin chrome

P3, white

P3, polished chrome

P3, satin chrome

P4, white

P4, polished chrome

P4, satin chrome

P5, white

P5, polished chrome

P5, satin chrome

P5, white and polished chrome

P6, 245x165

P7, 215x145

ABS, 245x165

ABS, 245x165

Metal, 245x165

Inox, 245x165

Infrarossa, the electronic push plate.

The Infrarossa electronic push plate is ideal in public and commercial locations, such as hospitals, airports and shopping centres, and also in bathrooms for people with disabilities: they also incorporate a vandal-proof system to guarantee maximum safety and inaccessibility.

The infrared range of plates provides an automatic flush ensuring hygiene and functionality in all situations.

The Infrarossa range can be installed in total safety also in hospitals and nursing homes thanks to its certifications declaring total compatibility with sanitary appliances. Furthermore, the Infrarossa range of plates guarantees an automatic flush every 24 hours for total hygiene in the bathroom.

Infrarossa Dual

Electronic plate with two activation possibilities:

  • Proximity flush at 10 to 75 cm from the plate;
  • Possibility of mechanical activation of the plate.

Infrarossa Eye

Electronic plate with one activation possibility:

  • Proximity flush at 10 to 75 cm from the plate;

Infrarossa Remote

Electronic plate with two activation possibilities:

  • Activation by a remote button positioned on the grab rail;
  • Mechanical control on the plate (in the event of power failure).

Compatibility of push plates

        Tropea S Winner S Cubik S
P1 215x145 Mechanical/Pneumatic  
P2 215x145 Mechanical/Pneumatic  
P3 215x145 Mechanical/Pneumatic  
P4 215x145 Mechanical/Pneumatic  
P5 215x145 Mechanical/Pneumatic  
P6 245x165 Mechanical - inviolable    
P7 215x145 Pneumatic  
METAL 245x165 Eettronic/Mechanical  
METAL 245x165 Elettronic    
infrarossa thumb inox METAL 215x145 Elettronic
METAL 245x165 Elettronic/Mechanical    
ABS 245x165 Mechanical  
ABS 245x165 Mechanical
METAL 245x165 Mechanical  


Compatible with kit.


Valsir provides complete support both during the planning phase and on site, thanks to a first-class technical office made up of a team of highly experienced engineers, capable of dealing with the most complex system requirements.

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