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The growing importance of heat recovery ventilation systems is related both to energy efficiency and the search for comfort and healthiness in modern buildings.

Ariosa HV is the latest frontier of Valsir’s HRV units.

The unit is intended for residential applications and can be installed horizontally (in a false ceiling) or vertically (anchored to a wall).

High efficiency, low consumption and an extremely advanced control system are just some of the features that make the Ariosa HV unit unique.

Advantages of Ariosa HV

Available in 170 and 250 m³/h models for residential areas up to more than 185 m².

Maximum efficiency with the possibility of sensible or enthalpy heat exchanger depending on the needs.

Absolute installation flexibility thanks to swivel connectors.

Small overall dimensions for installation in any context.

Advanced and SMART management with total control via App.


120x80x21 cm


170 m3/h - 250 m3/h


Sensitive - Enthalpic


Ceiling - Wall


Ceiling installation

Ariosa HV is Valsir’s solution designed for false ceiling installations. With 21 cm thickness, it fits into even the smallest spaces. Lightweight and practical to handle, its installation is extremely easy too.

A single model, which can be installed in right- or left-hand configuration, allows for the best possible management of connections to the outside and inside of the house.


Vertical wall installation

The flexibility of Ariosa HV allows vertical wall installation. Thanks to the swivel connections, the direction of pipes can be easily adapted, allowing for quick and functional installation while minimising the number of fittings required.



Innovative electronic fans equip the two Ariosa HV models with flow rates of 170 and 250 m³/h, respectively. Constant flow rate operation ensures the right amount of air inside in every type of building.

Recovery unit

The materials, geometries and dimensions of the exchanger enable very high performance in terms of heat exchange and energy efficiency. Depending on requirements and climatic conditions, it is possible to choose either the sensible or enthalpy model for maximum comfort.


The bypass system is designed to ensure maximum energy efficiency. An advanced control system enables its operation by optimising efficiency according to internal and external temperature and humidity conditions.

Swivel connections

The possibility of rotating each of the 4 connections makes installation flexible due to the many possible configurations. An optimal appearance to meet all installation needs.


Equipped with high-performance filters, Ariosa HV ensures comfort and healthiness in the house. The advanced electronic management system indicates when the filters need to be cleaned or replaced by recognising the cleanliness conditions.

Accessori Ariosa


A number of accessories can be combined and managed by Ariosa HV.

Air quality probes allow monitoring the operation of the unit in relation to pollutant concentrations.

For pre-heating management, electric heaters can be installed inside the unit.

Additional accessories are dedicated to the post-treatment (heating or cooling) of the air entering the house and the management of any dehumidification units or modules.