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Waste and water
supply systems, underfloor heating system
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The best in marine and offshore waste systems.



The growing focus on waste systems in the marine industry helped us develop a range of innovative products that can properly meet all the market needs.
White Marine® is a plug-in system consisting of pipes, fittings and accessories, specifically industrialised, manufactured and patented by Valsir for the marine industry.

The system provides piping made from three different layers of material, combined together to achieve ultra-high mechanical performance - even at low temperatures - as well as excellent soundproofing qualities.


The White Marine system® can be used for a variety of indoor and outdoor installations on board a ship:

Whitemarine - installazioni interne

Indoor installations:

Black and grey water drains (both vacuum and gravity), kitchen drains including all horizontal manifolds and tank vents.

Outdoor installations:

Deck drains and ship's balcony drains (scupper's drains) including horizontal collectors.

Excellence features

The middle layer of the pipe is made from a patented mixture of polypropylene (PP) and mineral fillers (MF) that gives the White Marine® system excellent mechanical qualities at both low (impact resistance down to -25°C) and high temperatures (up to 95°C).

The White Marine drainage system® can carry waste water at a certain temperature with pH between 2 and 12. It provides high resistance to the most common chemicals and has an extremely smooth inner surface, preventing deposit build-up inside drainage networks.


UV Resistant

UV resistance > 800 klys (ISO 4892-2).

Resistant to Salt Spray

Great resistance to salt spray compared with metal systems

Ensures maximum joint sealing

With specially profiled elastomeric gasket, sealing is ensured from 1.5 bar down to -0.8 bar


3 to 4 times lighter than metal systems

Resistant to corrosion

Corrosion resistance as a result of chemical composition of materials, in comparison with metal systems

Resistance to vibrations

The material used and the joint type of White Marine allow the system to absorb all vibrations and movements produced while sailing.

Mechanical strength

Pipes consisting of three layers of material coupled together.

Superior sound insulation performance

Noise levels of 12 dB(A) at a flow rate of 2 l/s.

Quick and easy to install

Push-fit socket does not require the use of any equipment, harmful glues or solvents.

Extreme temperatures

Resistance to intermittent draining at temperatures as high as 95°C. Resistance down to -25°C.

Chemical resistance

High chemical resistance to substances dissolved in on-board waste waters.


Wide range of transition fittings for connection to other waste systems (cast iron, PP, PVC, PE and so on).

Thermal expansion

Low thermal expansion coefficient.

DN 40 to DN 250

Broad range of diameters available, from DN 40 to DN 250.


Completely reusable, White Marine
is made from 100% recyclable materials


An extremely wide range

The range consists of pipe lengths from 250 mm to 3000 mm and features a wide selection of fittings and accessories that allow for a wide variety of system configurations.

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Custom-made items

As a complement to the standard range, Valsir also offers the opportunity to manufacture custom-made special items made to suit any specific application, making it even easier to install on board. As an example, a fully welded transport pocket with inspection cover included has been developed with this in mind.

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Anti-slip Collars

The standard range includes anti-slip collars to ensure clamping between pipe and fitting.

First, the collar grips the pipe or fitting where it is installed to prevent it from slipping off. And second, because of its special shape it wraps around the end of the socket, pipe, or fitting, while still allowing it to move to compensate for any thermal expansion.

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Plug-in joint: ease and speed of installation

Installing White Marine® is extremely fast, easy and requires no special equipment. The connection is of the plug-in type, with sockets on pipes and fittings. The steps to follow are outlined below.

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Case history

The innovation of the White Marine system is being used for large ships around the world.

Carnival Radiance

C229 Cantiere Visentini - Trasmediterranea

Grimaldi Lines - Grande Europa

Costa Mediterranea