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Fire resistant push-fit waste system

panoramica blackfire

Valsir Blackfire is a drainage system made of pipes, fittings and accessories, perfect for drainage systems and conventional rainwater drainage systems.

Blackfire, just like any other Valsir drainage system, is a push-fit system distinguished by a quick and easy installation. Moreover, Valsir Blackfire allows to reach good results in terms of acoustic comfort and in terms of fire resistance (B1 according to the norm DIN 4102).

It is perfect for high and low temperature drainage systems, drainage ventilation systems and rainwater drainage systems, within any sort of building: hospitals, hotels, residential or commercial.

The wide range of pipes, fittings and accessories allows to cover every point of the drainage system, from the horizontal branches, to the stacks to the collector.

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With more than 270 items and accessories,
the Blackfire system boasts:

Ease of installation: thanks to the push-fit connection, there is no need of glues or harmful solvents.

Inner white layer to make video inspection easier.

Fire resistance in class B1.

Mechanical resistance: very high resistance to mechanical stress; even to impacts up to -10°C.

Good acoustic comfort: in compliance with European Standard EN 14366 equal to 16 dB(A) with a flow rate of 2 l/s (certificate P-BA 258/2019e).

Resistant to negative pressure up to -800 mbar and to positive pressure of 1.5 bar.

High chemical resistance to substances dissolved in civil and industrial wastewater.

Wide range of pipes and fittings: from Ø 32 mm to Ø 160 mm.

Exceptional resistance to UV rays. Outside storage and installation are allowed without risks of damage or colour fading.

Tailor-made fittings available in order to meet every design and installation requirement.

Valsir Blackfire is environment-friendly since it is produced with completely recyclable raw materials.

Compatibility with all the other Valsir waste systems.

Possibility of connection with other materials such as cast iron, PE, PVC and PP.


Valsir Green BuildingThe EPD statement is also available to certify the reduced environmental impact associated with BLACKFIRE according to the full life cycle assessment, or "cradle to grave". This means that our monitoring and optimisation efforts do not only cover the production stages: BLACKFIRE is a champion of sustainability from the extraction of its raw materials to the disposal of the product itself. Choose it for your project and get credits for Green Procurement sustainability protocols (e.g. LEED V4)!

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Blackfire: tubo di scarico resistente al fuoco

braga di miscelazione VBF

Special fittings and VBF

Wide range of fittings, including the VBF Ventilation Branch Fitting. Special fittings (tailor-made) can be manufactured for extremely complicated situations.

Ampia gamma Blackfire

Wide range Blackfire

From Ø32 to Ø160