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Decentralized high efficiency heat recovery unit


The new energy efficiency requirements have resulted in increasingly insulated buildings and reduced energy expenditure but at the same time preventing the natural flow of air.

Room ventilation is necessary to ensure the comfort and good health of its occupants: this helps keep away discomfort, fatigue and flu symptoms,
as well as helping those suffering from allergies or cardiorespiratory diseases.

Brezza60 is the ideal solution to create a controlled mechanical ventilation system that manages the constant air exchange in each room without heat loss and energy waste.

Brezza60 the advantages

Greater living comfort: thanks to Brezza60, windows no longer need to be opened in order to air the house and consequently indoor temperatures remain constant

Cost saving: Brezza60 increases the building’s energy efficiency level and contributes to improve the energy classification of the same.

Elimination of bad odours: Brezza60 is an excellent ally in rapidly removing bad odours.

Design: thanks to its modern and light design, Brezza60 can become a perfect furnishing accessory for offices and homes.

Health and wellbeing: thanks to the continuous renewal, the air in the room always remains healthy, preventing the formation of mould and humidity.

Ease of maintenance: the possibility of dismantling each individual component of Brezza60 makes maintenance and cleaning very practical.

Energy saving: high efficiency thanks to the innovative ceramic heat exchanger.

How Brezza60 works

The device works by alternating 70-second cycles of introduction and expulsion of air from the room.

The ceramic exchanger holds the energy of the air taken from inside the room; after 70 seconds, the operation is reversed and the energy is transferred to the air introduced from the outside.

The cycle is repeated for the entire duration of operation of the device reducing energy consumption.

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