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Waste and water
supply systems, underfloor heating system
and flush cisterns

Applications for non residential uses


The modular treatment tanks manufactured by Valsir can be used by non-residential users such as workshops, service stations, car washes, for the treatment of stormwater from car parks, yards,
and sealed surfaces.

The wastewater coming from these buildings and areas is characterised by the presence of oil and hydrocarbons, as well as heavy solids such as sand and gravel. According to the type of user being served, residues of detergents and suspended solids can also be found.

The requirements of the managing bodies of the sewer networks and the local regulations require the adoption of a preliminary treatment for the removal of oil and floating substances present in the stormwater from car parks and waterproof yards.

For the treatment of wastewater from this type of source, plant schemes are necessary that substantially involve oil extraction treatments for the removal of hydrocarbon films and floating substances and sand removal treatments for the removal of sands and settleable suspended solids.
The treatments phases will depend on the intended type of discharge: discharge into a sewer, drainage into a receiving body of water, dispersion onto land, any re-use of the treated water (for example, for purposes such as irrigation, etc.).


Static oil separator

It consists of a simple polyethylene tank for accumulation of calm wastewater with a suitably shaped septum on the inside to facilitate the settling of the heavier solids.

The static oil separator is a de-oiling gravity system that allows the treatment and elimination of non-emulsified oil and hydrocarbons having a specific weight lower than 0.85 gr/cm3 from the waste water effluent, by means of a static separation with an efficiency of > 90%.

Sand trap

The sand trap is essential in the treatment of storm and rainwater containing coarse solid particles that settle easily by gravity, such as soil, gravel, solid particulate.

A sand trap must always be installed upstream of an oil separating system with a coalescence filter.
This system is used for the collection of stormwater from uncovered car parks and/or yards.
The coarse particles contained in the stormwater must be gathered in the sand trap to avoid interference with the correct functioning of the coalescence filter.


Disoleatore coalescenza

Oil separator with coalescence filter

The oil separator with coalescence filter is a highly efficient, gravity oil separation system that allows the treatment and elimination of non-emulsified hydrocarbons having a specific weight lower than 0.85 gr/cm3 from the wastewater, through a static separation with an efficiency greater than 95%.

sistema deoleatore

Oil separator with sand trap and tank

This plant scheme encompasses the combination of a common oil separator/sand trap with or without a coalescence filter with an adequately dimensioned accumulation tank, which is positioned immediately upstream of the oil separator.

Rainwater tanks

The tanks include a series of products in polyethylene, of various shapes and sizes, used for the collection and storage of rainwater and liquid foodstuffs.
The entire range includes tanks for installation above ground and underground. The rainwater that is collected can be used for irrigation purposes, for feeding non potable dual networks (e.g. flush cisterns), or as a fire-fighting reserve.

Serbatoi composizione