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The system for domestic Heat Recovery Ventilation

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What is Heat Recovery Ventilation

Heat Recovery Ventilation (or HRV) is a system designed for the continuous and constant exchange of air inside buildings in order to improve air quality.

Ventilation units are equipped with two fans to supply and extract air at the same time. A cross-flow counterflow heat exchanger recovers the energy contained in the extracted air and transfers it to the supplied air, guaranteeing efficiencies of over 90%.
This reduces the building energy consumption, while at the same time purifying the air from pollutants and moisture.

This system allows improving the energy characteristics of the buildings, complying with current regulations, while maintaining a high level of living comfort.

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Air renewal

Every person takes on average more than 20,000 breaths per day: this happens more and more often inside closed environments, where the concentration of pollutants is up to 5 times higher than outside.

HRV allows the dilution and elimination of carbon dioxide, formaldehyde, Radon gas and other substances which can have harmful effects on health if present in high concentrations.

Constant air renewal also reduces the humidity produced in the home, which is often the cause of mould formation, condensation and increased perceived heat during the summer period.

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Mechanical ventilation prevents the entry of dust, pollutants and pollen by means of the unit high-performance filters. Blocking the entry of these substances can limit the occurrence of respiratory diseases and allergies.

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Energy recovery

The Valsir mechanical ventilation units allow for a very high level of heat recovery, exchanging thermal energy between the inlet and outlet air flows. This allows reducing the impact of the costs of the heating and air conditioning system, improving the efficiency of the building in accordance with the most innovative standards of sustainability in construction.

Advantages and benefits of the HRV system


Improved health and hygiene: constant air exchange, monitoring of indoor pollutants, non-proliferation of mould and reduction of pollutants from outside.

Economic savings: less energy consumption thanks to heat recovery up to values over 90%.

Sustainability: reduction of CO2 emissions to protect the environment.

Innovative air conveyor system.
Valsir’s innovative AriaSilent range allows simple and quick installation with just a few components for the entire air distribution system.

Filtration: the filtration system that Valsir’s HRV units are equipped with allows effective elimination of dust, smog, pollen and other airborne substances by preventing them from entering into the building. The elimination of these airborne particles and pollen reduces the occurrence of allergies especially during the spring and summer months.

Radiant system combination: state-of-the-art solutions guaranteed by the Valsir’s HRV systems allow the combination and management of the radiant system directly from the electronics on board the Maxima, Isoterma and Idronica HRV units. In this way, the combined control is efficient with the management of air renewal, heating and cooling according to the season and control of the ambient humidity levels.

Room air renewal: the AriaSilent HRV system allows for a constant and continuous exchange of air inside the buildings, thus allowing an important increase in comfort conditions for the people living in these environments. The exchange process allows a continuous elimination of pollutants such as CO2 and humidity, which are produced during the daily activities carried out in the house.

Preservation of the building: the elimination and control of humidity in the environment eliminates the problem of condensation and mould formation on the internal walls of the building, thus improving its state of preservation and keeping its value high over time.

Energy efficiency: the presence of the high-efficiency heat exchanger on board the Valsir’s HRV units allows recovering thermal energy in both winter and summer, thus reducing the energy consumption due to the minimisation of the air exchange process.

The innovative Ariasilent distribution system

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Innovation, optimisation and simplification are three aspects that distinguish the AriaSilent HRV system distribution range.
A number of patented features, such as the tear-off openings, the flow divider and the grille attachment make the new system revolutionary and innovative.

The plastic components with antibacterial masters ensure a healthy environment by killing germs and bacteria in the air.

The reduced number of components, suitable for all sections of the system, makes AriaSilent a practical and simple solution. Accessories are designed so that they can be used in all applications, from new buildings to renovations with limited space available for new installations.

Developed in compliance with the most up-to-date regulations, AriaSilent can guarantee a perfect airtightness thanks to the presence of gaskets pre-installed on the fittings, and compliance with all the requirements of the UNI EN 17192:2019 standard.

Valsir’s HRV machines

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Energy efficiency for residential ventilation

Energy-using products account for a large proportion of the consumption of natural resources.
To limit consumption the European Union has issued directives and regulations such as the delegated regulation 1254/2014, which regulates the labelling of residential ventilation units to indicate their energy consumption.

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Recuperatore di calore decentralizzato ad alta efficienz Brezza 60

Brezza60: decentralized high efficiency heat recovery unit

Brezza60 is the ideal solution to create a controlled mechanical ventilation system that manages the constant air exchange in each room without heat loss and energy waste.

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