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The only solution to foul odours

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Ariapur is the solution that guarantees the elimination of unpleasant smells thus ensuring clean air inside the bathroom.

Ariapur provides a simple and high performing operation.

In fact, Ariapur captures odours directly in the WC pan, extracts, and eliminates them before they spread.
At the same time, it eliminates the vapour generated during use of the shower and bathtub through the ventilation system of the extractor plate.

Ariapur is extremely silent, easy to install and it is compact in size.
It fits in with all surroundings thanks to its minimalist and elegant design.

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Combined extraction

Combined extraction from the WC pan and from the room for maximum ventilation efficiency inside the bathroom.


Extremely silent in full compliance with the limits imposed by current regulations.

High extraction rate

High extraction rate guaranteeing over 100 m3/h of fresh air.


The plate can be painted using the most common paints on the market for a perfect match with the walls, even with special effects.

Hygiene and cleanliness

The cover plate is smooth and hinders the formation of dust, which is typical of traditional fans. The filter can be washed with soap and water.

Activation choice

Operation by switch or motion sensor with built-in timer for switching the fan off.

Easy installation

Installation and maintenance are facilitated thanks to the rapid connection of the motor and electrical connections.

Non-return valve

Thanks to the non-return valve, Ariapur can be installed directly inside the waste system.

Snap closure

The snap closure of the cover plate allows both ceiling and wall installations.

Thickness of just 80mm

Installation in thin walls with a thickness of just 80 mm.


Extraction of odours


Extraction of vapour



Non-return valve

The valve is positioned in the outlet and it prevents the return of odours from the waste stack. Ariapur does not require its own waste pipe but can be connected directly to the ventilation stack of the waste system.


Connection flexibility

An adjustable flush pipe makes all installations possible. The connection can be positioned either to the left or to the right and it is equipped with a push-fit socket joint.


Even in thin walls

By using a special frame, Ariapur can be installed in 80 mm thick walls. Without the frame, the minimum installation depth is 100 mm.


Activation choice

Ariapur can be activated using traditional switches or motion sensors. Ariapur incorporates a timer to ensure the renewal of air as established by regulations.


Freedom of installation

The Ariapur system, thanks to its high degree of resistance to vapour and water jets, guarantees maximum installation flexibility. It is the only system with an IPX5 rating.

Thanks to its unique characteristics, Ariapur is a leader in its category in terms of performance, silence and ease of installation.

Installationand maintenance

Plug-in electrical connection, Unmatched silence and installation, 100% customizable.

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Valsir provides complete support both during the planning phase and on site, thanks to a first-class technical office made up of a team of highly experienced engineers, capable of dealing with the most complex system requirements.

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Silvestro Software

Silvestro is a software program created by Valsir to help planners in the creation of water supply and waste systems. Thanks to its ease of use it allows the Valsir products to be easily adopted in any project.

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