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The innovative AriaSilent distribution system

Sistema di distribuzione ariasilent

Innovation, optimisation and simplification are three aspects that distinguish the AriaSilent HRV system distribution range.
A number of patented features, such as the tear-off openings, the flow divider and the grille attachment make the new system revolutionary and innovative

The plastic components with antibacterial masters ensure a healthy environment by killing germs and bacteria in the air.

The reduced number of components, suitable for all sections of the system, makes AriaSilent a practical and simple solution. Accessories are designed so that they can be used in all applications, from new buildings to renovations with limited space available for new installations.

Developed in compliance with the most up-to-date regulations, AriaSilent can guarantee a perfect airtightness thanks to the presence of gaskets pre-installed on the fittings, and compliance with all the requirements of the UNI EN 17192:2019 standard.



AriaSilent Pipe

Insulated polyethylene foam pipe ideal for HRV systems for connections between ventilation unit, box and outside environment (diameters available: 125, 160 and 180 mm).
The insulation reduces heat loss and prevents condensation.

ariasilent pipe
ariasilent flex nudo

Bare AriaSilent Flex

Flexible duct made from polyolefin resin film mixed with additives, anti-bacterial and anti-mould master with a spring steel wire coil (diameters available: 127, 160, 180 and 203 mm).
Suitable for heat recovery ventilation and air conditioning systems.

Insulated AriaSilent Flex

Flexible duct made from polyolefin resin film mixed with additives, anti-bacterial and anti-mould master with a spring steel wire coil and heat insulating coating to prevent condensation and heat loss (Ø 127, 160, 180 and 203 mm).
Solution suitable for heat recovery ventilation and air conditioning systems.

ariasilent flex isolato
Ariasilent flex isolato alufonico

Alufonic insulated AriaSilent Flex

Flexible duct with an AL/PET/AL (aluminium/polyester/aluminium) wall, micro-perforated for noise reduction, with steel wire coil and heat insulating coating to prevent condensation and heat loss (Ø 127, 160, 180 and 203 mm). System ideal for heat recovery ventilation and air conditioning systems.


The AriaSilent Box, available in four versions, allows optimal management of air distribution in HRV systems with or without dehumidification and thermal integration treatments.
The practical tear-off opening featured in all models allows only the necessary connections to be used with no need of closing plugs.

AriaSilent Box 6 Compact
AriaSilent Box 8 Compact

Compact boxes allow the connection of up to 6 or 8 corrugated pipes, with a maximum air flow rate of 250 m3/h.
The limited thickness - only 11 cm - makes this solution suitable for applications where there is little space available for installation.

ariasilent box 6 compact
ariasilent box 18

AriaSilent Box 18

With up to 18 connections and full compatibility with all corrugated systems - round or oval - this box allows for maximum installation flexibility and a maximum air flow rate of 650 m3/h.
A patented baffle inside the box allows for an optimal distribution of the air flow in each duct.

AriaSilent Box 18 Therm

Equipped with thermal insulation, AriaSilent Box 18 Therm is the optimal solution for systems that combine dehumidification and thermal integration treatments, avoiding the formation of condensation and energy waste.
A patented baffle inside the box allows for an optimal distribution of the air flow in each duct.

ariasilent box 18 therm


The AriaSilent Tube, in its round and oval versions, is the ideal solution for conveying air.
Made of double wall and very flexible, they are easy to install.
They also avoid internal turbulence thanks to their extremely smooth surface. In addition, the anti-bacterial treatment improves the salubrity of the environment by killing germs and bacteria.

ariasilent box tube

AriaSilent Tube

The different diameters available (63-75-90 mm) allow for great flexibility in the installation.
The low pressure drop due to the internal design improves the acoustic performance of the system and the conveying of air.
The inner layer with antibacterial masters ensures high hygiene of the system and consequently of the building.

AriaSilent Tube Compact

The compact 50x102 and 55x126 versions are suitable for installation in the most confined spaces, while maintaining high air flow rates and low pressure drops.
Flexibility and high resistance allow AriaSilent Tube Compact to be easily installed in any building context; safety is guaranteed by the antibacterial treatment of the inner layer.

ariasilent tube compact


One of the cornerstones of this innovative solution for HRV systems is the AriaSilent Link universal fitting, which is available in 5 versions - one for each section of corrugated pipe - and which allows you to connect the pipes to any accessory in the system.
The airtightness of the system is guaranteed by gaskets pre-installed on the fittings, while the perfect connection to the corrugated pipes is ensured by the presence of anti-slip clips.

ariasilent link

AriaSilent Link 63, 75 and 90

AriaSilent Link fittings allow connecting corrugated round pipes with diameters 63, 75 and 90 mm to all system accessories such as distribution boxes, grille holders, elbows and sleeves.

AriaSilent Link Compact

The AriaSilent Link Compact fittings are dedicated to the two oval pipe sizes and allow connecting to the system accessories in three different positions: straight, 45° or 90°.

ariasilent link compact
ariasilent link

AriaSilent Link Bend and Linear

Compatible with all AriaSilent Link fittings, they allow bends or linear connections between systems of the same cross-section, or with a change of geometry or corrugated pipe size, making system installation extremely flexible.

ariasilent point 70 compact

AriaSilent Point 70 Compact

Compact at 70 mm, this grille holder can be combined with the AriaSilent Tube 50 Compact using one or both connections.
Ideal for installation in confined spaces.

AriaSilent Point 100

Compatible with all universal AriaSilent Link fittings, it is only 100 mm thick and allows connecting to the air intake or supply system.

ariasilent point 100
ariasilent point 200

AriaSilent Point 200

This grille holder is suitable for the connection of branch distribution systems or with the indoor air recirculation systems of the Maxima, Isoterma and Idronica units with the possibility of side or rear connection with 125 mm diameter ducts.

Different installation possibilities are guaranteed by the standard versions, equipped with a 125 mm round valve holder, or by the combination of the extension - compatible with all AriaSilent Points - useful for bridging any gaps between the grille holder and the wall, ceiling or floor surface.

ariasilent point 200


The only components that remain visible in a HRV system are the grilles dedicated to supplying and extracting air from the building.

The AriaSilent range includes grilles and valves with modern design to best fit to different building contexts.

ariasilent urban
ariasilent diamond
ariasilent griglie tonde
ariasilent adattatore griglia

The patented grille holder adapter allows the connection of grilles to AriaSilent Point adapters in order to avoid accidental detachment of the grille.