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Valsir S.p.a
Waste and water
supply systems, underfloor heating system
and flush cisterns


Systems for the purification
of waste water and for rainwater harvesting


Valsir products provide a solution for all the various phases of integrated water cycle management with the priority objective of guaranteeing the preservation of a precious resource for man and the environment.

The treatment schemes proposed allow the established limits to be reached for discharge into sewers, dispersion in underground pipelines, discharge into a surface water body or into land, and possible reuse depending on the specific context.

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System advantages

Lightweight: easy handling during installation.

Versatility: use and installation simplified by the monoblock structure.

Flexibility: individually tailored situation-specific solutions, thanks to the wide range of accessories.

Long service life: the material does not deteriorate in the presence of chemical substances.

Competitiveness: lightweight and the monoblock structure make it a highly competitive system especially for plants
of up to 90 equivalent inhabitants.


Characteristics of PE

There are various materials for the production of water collection points and polyethylene (PE) is the most appropriate for this application.


The design criteria used refer to the standards in force and the technical regulations adopted by the national authorities.
The sizing parameters derive from the numerous years of experience of the Valsir design office and refer to safety-orientated design hypotheses, confirmed by the experience gained.

Reference standards

European Community
In 1991, European directives stipulated that Member States elaborate programmes and laws for the application of the directive concerning the collection and treatment of wastewater.
Valsir respects the european legislations the above directives.

Insediamenti residenziali e assimilati

Residential buildings and similar

The characteristics of waste water from residential buildings and similar are comparable to those of households.

Suitable parameterization coefficients translate the pollutant load from this type of user into “equivalent inhabitants”.

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Applicazioni per utilizzi non residenziali

Applications for non residential uses

The modular treatment tanks manufactured by Valsir can be used by non-residential users such as workshops, service stations, car washes, for the treatment of stormwater from car parks, yards,
and sealed surfaces.e.

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