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The revolution of silence

Technological innovation, attention to details and constant quality control, together with the desire to provide our clients with reliability and safety.
These are the cornerstones that have always driven the design and production of Valsir cisterns over the years.

Tropea S represents an absolute novelty on the international scene, a state-of-the-art and innovative product: the first cistern in the world designed
to reduce the noise generated during use.

Tropea S

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Tropea S WC silent flush systemSpessore minimo 84mmRisparmio idricoAriapurico-dim-placcaCertificato CE

From the heart of our know-how in acoustic systems

From the heart of our know-how in acoustic systems


The experience gained by Valsir in the Triplus®, Silere® and PP3 soundproof waste systems allowed us to reach levels of excellence also in our flush systems. To the numerous advantages of Tropea S we also added silence.

Tropea S is in fact the first cistern in the world made of a soundproofing plastic material.

Inside the Valsir Research and Development laboratories a special plastic compound was designed using a formula (exclusive to Valsir) with the aim of reducing the noise emissions from the flush cistern.

Laboratory tests show that the perceived noise from Tropea S is 5 times lower as compared to the most widely-used cisterns on the market.

The advantages of choosing Tropea S

Innovative material of the container

The material of the container is designed to ensure high absorption of acoustic vibrations.

Limescale resistant

The different plastic materials of the flush and float valve avoid the formation of limescale.

100% pre-assembled

The cistern is supplied 100% pre-assembled to improve installation speed and simplicity on the site.

Extreme versatility of activation type

Extreme versatility of activation type: mechanical, pneumatic, electronic, electronic and mechanical, or mechanical and pneumatic.

Easy installation

The rotating water connection fitting simplifies cistern installation.

Comply with EN 681/WC

All rubber components comply with EN 681/WC, a guarantee of their unmatched quality and resistance to chemical agents.

Compatible with all pan types

Patented by Valsir, the flush valve guarantees the cleaning of all pan types, including Rimless pans.

Certified according to ISO EN 3822 ISO EN 3822

The internal components of Tropea S are certified according to ISO EN 3822, in silence class I both at 3 and 5 bar.

Valsir Green Building


Flush regulation with Tropea S is extremely easy and can be set at 6/3, 4.5/3 or 4/2 litres fully in accordance to water saving philosophy and Green Building requirements.



Discover how to easy assemble and disassemble
the WC flush cistern Tropea S

The all-time
superlative technology

Inlet valve

It is made entirely of technopolymer and pre-fitted in the cisterns to make installation easier and faster; the system also incorporates an accessible closing device to always guarantee perfect performance.

Compact float valve

Designed and produced to guarantee maximum reliability in all situations, it resists water hammer as great as 30 bar. The internal accessible filter and the absence of a hose allow an easy maintenance and guarantee an excellent level of silence. It is certified in accordance with EN 14124.

Outlet valve

The resistance to limescale of its components, the self-regulation to the WC pans present on the market, and the blends of the seals that resist to the corrosion effect over the years, make it the most reliable valve on the market.

Safety device

The device guarantees the perfect position and protection of the internal components during handling of the cistern until the control plate is installed.

Tropea S installation versatility

Regardless the installation type, Tropea S is the ideal solution. The wide range of frames, the available accessories and the technical solutions adopted

inside the cistern guarantee flexibility, speed and adaptability to all types of walls and installation requirements.

Tropea S in masonry walls

Designed for installation in walls of reduced thickness made of brick or wood with a floor standing WC pan.

Tropea S Fixsystem

Incorporates a galvanized sheet frame to be used with wall-hung pans in masonry rolls with reduced thickness.

Tropea S Block

Is equipped with a painted steel frame designed for installation in light walls (plasterboard, wood) with a wall-hung pan.

Tropea S Block Free-standing

This is the most flexible frame of the entire range. Made of painted steel, it is designed for installations in plasterboard walls or mixed walls with a wallhung WC pan.

Control plates: furnish with style


The Valsir range of flush cisterns meets the aesthetic requirements of the market thanks to the design and the refined materials of the control plates.


The Valsir Design line of control plates is part of a project launched by Valsir destined for the showroom distribution channel and encompasses over 250 models produced using innovative and refined materials.


The range of in-wall and external cisterns is accompanied by a complete series of pneumatic push buttons.

Ideali per non vedentiIdeali per disabili

A solution for all applications

Tropea S can be used in less common applications by using the optional components such as the remote pneumatic dual button for disability,

friendly bathrooms, the tamper-proof push button for installations in stadiums and prisons, or push buttons to facilitate the visually impaired.

Easy to use push buttons

Easy to use push buttons were designed for disability friendly bathrooms.

They were designed to make access to the buttons more practical thus ensuring water savings.

Pulsanti per disabiliPulsanti per non vedenti

Tamper-proof push buttons

The tamper-proof push buttons make it easy to satisfy the installation requirements that are typical of public places, hotels, stadiums or prisons.

Kit pulsanti inviolabili

CE marking

As of 1st September 2012 the CE marking is required on all in-wall and external flush cisterns and it is an important instrument that defines the level of quality and reliability of the product. The CE mark states the parameters of product performance: durability, level of noise and volume of water discharged are some of the fundamental parameters.

Tropea S not only has obtained the CE mark but It also has characteristics that meet the Green Building principles.


Tropea S is available with the Ariapur odour extractor system which performs a dual extraction to ensure the perfect supply of fresh air to the bathroom.

Discover more about Ariapur