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Pexal XL

The new modular technopolymer fittings

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Pexal XL is the innovative modular fitting system produced by Valsir!
Thanks to a diameter range up to 110 mm, it is possible to install multilayer system configurations never attempted before.

The material chosen for Pexal XL is PPSU. This is a technopolymer with exceptional mechanical and corrosion resistance, making it ideal for water supply, heating, cooling and industrial installations.

Therefore, the points of excellence of this system are its safety and modular structure.
Additionally, thanks to its easy, quick, and intuitive installation process, it provides value not only in terms of technology but also productivity and efficiency on the job site.

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The essentials for a perfect system

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Pexal XL fittings are made with a special hose barb using a profile with two seals to ensure maximum safety and reliability over time. The system is completed by PPS collars, ensuring mechanical strength and system uniformity.

Hygienic properties

Pexal XL press fittings are certified for drinking water supply, therefore they can be used for domestic hot and cold water distribution systems. The material of these fittings ensures an outstanding level of hygiene, as well as an excellent resistance to the treatments against legionella.

Ease of use

Pexal XL is a simple and user-friendly system. The assembly of modules requires no special equipment, as sealing collars are closed manually. Moreover, the technopolymer lightweight is a further advantage.

Chemical resistance

The polyphenylsulfone (PPSU) is a technopolymer featuring excellent resistance to oxidation, corrosion, and to the main chemical components dissolved in water, cement and lime.


The modularity of Pexal XL is a benefit also for logistics: the possibility of creating all the necessary set-ups with a reduced number of items, allows maximum efficiency even in case of little storage available.


The closure with collar allows the prefabrication of fittings directly on the counter resulting in great simplification of the assembly procedures, in case of installation at height, and a significant accident risk reduction.


Pexal XL modular philosophy ensures extreme installation flexibility while using just a few items. Range ensures extreme installation flexibility while using just a few items. The assembly versatility allows wide system design freedom, and easily remedying the unforeseen events at the site

Examples Pexal XL parts combined

  1. Hose barb
  2. Sealing collar
  3. 90° elbow
  1. Hose barb
  2. Sealing collar
  3. Intermediate straight fitting
  4. Female thread
  1. Hose barb
  2. Sealing collar
  3. Tee fitting
  4. Reduction