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The solution for all applications

Not just hotels

MFV: not just hotels

Simplicity, flexibility and, most of all, installation rapidity.
Applications with a high frequency usage rate such as hospitals, nursing homes and apartments, the system allows time saving during installation, getting the job done quicker and optimizing timeframes.

The MFV system allows the construction of partition and perimeter walls, loadbearing and non-loadbearing, with dimensions and shapes that can be adapted to all circumstances to meet the design requirements of architects and interior designers.

Thanks to the MFV system, on-site installation has never been that easy and fast.

Locations with a high frequency usage rate

MFV: Locations with a high frequency usage rate

In the case of bathrooms with a high frequency usage rate such as in public places and centres, frequent maintenance or renovation of the rooms is often required due to wear and tear.

In such cases MFV is the right solution. The system allows the installation in bathrooms in series in the shortest timeframe possible, guarantees total accessibility of the systems, and, when renovating, the MFV frame does not need to be replaced but it is sufficient to install the new panelling.

Not only equipped walls for WCs but also urinals and washbasins.

Thanks to the complete range of accessories available, the MFV system satisfies all system requirements, simplifying installation and always guaranteeing a rapid execution, reducing waiting and intervention time.

This is a fundamental aspect in renovation jobs with high frequency usage where the interruption of hygienic services and consequent disruption for the clients of the areas undergoing renovation need to be avoided.

By using the rapid coupling devices, the finishing panels can be fitted directly to the MFV structure reducing installation time by over 50%.

The realization or renovation of bathrooms with high frequency usage is now practical, simple and fast.

MFV: Locations with a high frequency usage rate

Top-notch renovations!

MFV: Top-notch renovations!
MFV: Top-notch renovations!

Renovation work is demanding, requires a lot time, generates discomfort and involves a involves different professionals on the building site. The MFV system significantly simplifies renovation work within the bathroom.

The system is installed up to 50% quicker than other traditional systems that require brickwork and it is much more flexible than a traditional dry construction system; it doesn’t require demolition work thus significantly reducing cleaning operations.

Flexibility and the wide choice of accessories allow architects and interior designers to create all surroundings adapting the system to the various project requirements.

The advantages are:

  • The job is carried out by one person only: the plumber.
  • All debris and dust on site are eliminated since no demolition work is required for installation of the system.
  • Idle moments are avoided because the MFV system involves dry construction only.
  • On-site modifications are facilitated thanks to the rapid latching mechanism that is easily repositioned.
  • Walls are accessible thus guaranteeing simplified maintenance over time.
  • These characteristics make the MFV load-bearing dry system the quickest to install on the market.

Characteristics make the MFV load-bearing dry system the quickest to install on the market.