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The solution for the venting of waste systems.

Ventilo - Overview

Proper venting is a key factor in the smooth running of waste systems.

Ventilo is an aerator with a membrane that meets this requirement even when it is not possible to proceed with venting as far as the roof.

Ventilo is also useful in solving the problems created by piping installed incorrectly in the past that cause back-syphonage, self-syphonage and the return of foul odours inside the bathroom.

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Tested and certified in compliance with EN 12380 (with CE marking) it fully meets the design and installation requirements of European standard EN 12056.

It allows the venting of pipe sections that are longer than 4 m and avoiding indirect venting systems.

It eliminates the risk of trap suckout caused by back-syphonage through suction or self-syphonage in the branch.

Thanks to the compact size it can easily be installed in tight spaces (niches, hanging ceilings or under sinks).

Range: Ventilo is available in two versions, for Ø 32 to 63 and Ø 70 to 110.

In the case of installation on terraces, it avoids the return of odours from the waste stack.

Push-fit coupling for simple installation inside the system.

In areas where snowfall is high, it can be installed before exiting on the roof avoiding problems connected to the blockage of vent pipes caused by the layer of snow on the roof.

Ideal for solving drainage problems in old systems, it eliminate the noise generated by gurgling.

It allows optimization of the waste system while lowering installation costs.