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The evolution of push-fit soundproof waste systems.


The Triplus® pipes are in fact made up of three layers of material, which, when joined, result in a system with extremely good mechanical characteristics, even at low temperatures, and an excellent soundproofing performance.

Triplus® is a push-fit system that includes triple layer pipes, fittings and accessories, industrialized, produced and patented by Valsir, that guarantees the levels of low noise emissions of waste systems required by the regulations, laws and standards in force.

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Characteristics of excellence

The intermediate layer is created with a patented polypropylene-based (PP) mix with mineral fillers (MF) such as to provide the Triplus® system with excellent mechanical characteristics at low (impact resistance at temperatures as low as -25°C) and high temperatures (continuous discharge with temperatures as high as 95°C).

The Triplus® waste system can transport waste waters with PH values between 2 and 12, it has a high resistance to the most common chemical compounds and is characterised by an extremely smooth internal surface that prevents the build-up of internal deposits inside the waste network.


Speed and extreme ease of installation

The socket connection, does not require the use of glues or harmful solvents.

Excellent soundproofing performance

Measured in the Fraunhofer laboratories in Stuttgart, in compliance with European Standard EN 14366 equal to 12 dB(A) with a flow rate of 2 l/s (certificate P-BA 227/2006).

High chemical resistance

To substances dissolved in civil and industrial waste waters.

Extremely harsh temperatures

High impact resistance at extremely harsh temperatures (as low as -25°C).

Mechanical resistance.

The pipes are made up of three layers of material joined together to guarantee elevated mechanical resistance.

From DN 32 mm to DN 250 mm

Wide range of diameters from DN 32 mm to DN 250 mm.

Valsir Green Building


Triplus is completely recyclable and designed according to the principles of Green Building. Just like our HDPE, Triplus is the only drainage system in the world to be awarded the VERY GOOD rating (double tick) by the prestigious Green Building Council of Singapore.

This certification highlights the very high level of sustainability of Triplus production process; thanks to an extremely careful management of energy, raw materials, water, and waste within a plant that is also certified to ISO 9001, 14001 and 50001 standards, Triplus is one of the most sustainable drainage systems on the market.

Valsir Green BuildingThe EPD statement is also available to certify the reduced environmental impact associated with Triplus according to the full life cycle assessment, or "cradle to grave". This means that our monitoring and optimisation efforts do not only cover the production stages: Triplus is a champion of sustainability from the extraction of its raw materials to the disposal of the product itself. Choose it for your project and get credits for Green Procurement sustainability protocols (e.g. LEED V4)!

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An extremely wide range

The range is composed of pipe lengths between 150 mm and 3 m and is characterised by a wide choice of fittings and accessories that allows the construction of the most varied system configurations.

The smaller diameters such as 32, 40 and 50 mm are used for the branch pipe connections on each floor, while the larger diameters such as 250 mm are used for the waste manifolds.

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Significant acoustic performance

When a waste system is in use, noises are generated inside the pipelines causing it to vibrate from the fall of the liquid being discharged.

Most of the noise generated spreads inside the pipe but the vibrations that are generated are transmitted from the walls of the pipe to the surrounding area and to the bracketing systems and consequently to the building structure.

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Valsir Multibranch




Valsir has developed a new product capable of significantly improving waste systems:

  • Maximum freedom to install the required diameters without the use of reducers (Ø 32, Ø 40, Ø 50, Ø 56).
  • Each fixture is connected to the waste stack with its own connection guaranteeing improved flow rates even when fixtures are used contemporarily.
  • Simplification and unification of fittings.
  • Made of Triplus material with exceptional acoustic performance in compliance with waste system standards.
  • Less risk of blockages.
  • Easier maintenance.

T-TRAP: new trends from the world



Thanks to its experience gained worldwide, Valsir has developed T-TRAP: a trapped gully that allows the installation of waste systems in the suspended ceiling of the room below. This product provides greater accessibility to the waste system and faster modifications in the event of renovations.

T-TRAP has the best product characteristics on the market:

  • 75 mm of hydraulic seal.
  • Flow of 0.67 l/s.
  • Made with Triplus material guaranteeing exceptional acoustic performance.


Solutions for all requirements

Valsir is the only company that can supply a triple layer waste system with a Triplus® “ventilation branch”. This is the ideal solution in high-rise buildings with a high simultaneous use factor of the sanitary appliances.

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Push-fit joints, installation ease and rapidity

Triplus® ensures practical and rapid installations without the use of glues, electrical appliances or special tools, thanks to the push-fit jointing system

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Case history

The innovative Triplus system installed in great buildings all over the world.


Barcellona (Spain)

Al Raha Beach Development

Abu Dhabi (United Arab Emirates)

Marina Hotel circuito F1

Abu Dhabi (United Arab Emirates)


Bancellona (Spain)

Certified quality

The range has been certified by the strictest certification bodes.



Valsir provides complete support both during the planning phase and on site, thanks to a first-class technical office made up of a team of highly experienced engineers, capable of dealing with the most complex system requirements.

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