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Waste and water
supply systems, underfloor heating system
and flush cisterns


A universal water supply system.


Mixal® is composed of multilayer pipes and different types of fittings that make it suitable for all plumbing and heating systems.

Thanks to its extreme flexibility it is the ideal product for the construction of radiant floor, wall and ceiling heating and cooling systems and due to its excellent performance it is used for the distribution of hot and cold drinking water, in radiator and fan heating systems and in industrial systems including systems for the distribution of compressed air.

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The flexibility of synthetic materials and the resistance of metal

The Mixal® multilayer system was designed to simplify the installation of water supply systems and is widely used for the construction of radiant heating and cooling systems.

Like the Pexal® multilayer system, Mixal® unites the advantages of crosslinked polyethylene PE-Xb with those of aluminium, guaranteeing high mechanical performance, flexibility, malleability, non-toxicity, light weight and an excellent barrier to oxygen.

The Mixal® system is manufactured in the Valsir production plants in compliance with EN ISO 21003 and is certified by the most strict International approval bodies that recognize and endorse the performance and quality of the product.

The advantages of using a multilayer system


Resistance to corrosion

The total resistance to corrosion, to construction materials and the main chemical compounds allow it to be used in a wide variety of applications, both residential and industrial.

Excellent flexibility

The combination of crosslinked polyethylene and aluminium guarantees excellent flexibility when bending (also when bent manually) and dimensional stability in the long term.

Excellent acoustic insulation

The elastic nature of the crosslinked polyethylene allows excellent absorption of vibrations and therefore an excellent acoustic insulation.

Reduced pressure loss

The extremely smooth internal surface, as well as preventing the formation of deposits such as lime scale, ensures reduced pressure loss also with the passage of time.

Guaranteed durability of at least 50 years

The system has a guaranteed durability of at least 50 years in compliance with product standards; in this period the product can be used at pressures of 10 bar and temperatures as high as 95°C.

Complete range

The range of fittings, accessories and relative tools is extremely wide and allows all requirements to be met. The fittings are available both in metal and in technopolymer to cover different system applications.

Barrier against oxygen and light

The butt welded aluminium layer acts as a total barrier against oxygen and light, which in plastic pipes would otherwise favour algae growth and the corrosion of the metal parts that make up the system.

Non-toxic materials

The system is made up of materials that are completely non-toxic and is certified for the transport of consumable fluids and drinking water.

Lower thermal expansion

Thermal expansion is approximately 8 times lower than all-plastic pipes and is similar to the expansion in metal pipes.

Ideal solution in areas subject to earthquakes

It is the ideal solution in areas subject to earthquakes thanks to the excellent mechanical properties such as flexibility and the capacity to alleviate vibrations.

Light in weight

The pipes are extremely light in weight as compared with metal pipes: weight is 1/3 of a similar copper pipe and is 1/10 of a similar steel pipe.

Wide range of diameters

Wide range of diameters from De 14 to De 32 for Mixal®.

Ecosostenibilità pexal


Pexal® and Mixal® are produced with materials that can be completely recycled, which, at the end of their service life can be recovered. The production processes used are energy efficient and are of a low environmental impact; in terms of the environment and conservation of resources, Pexal® and Mixal® are in line with Green Building principles.

applicazioni-pexal - 1
applicazioni-pexal - 2


Mixal® multilayer systems are suitable in renovations as well as new buildings such as shopping centres, hospitals, offices, schools, multistorey residential buildings, and industrial plants.

applicazioni-pexal - 3

Thanks to their excellent qualities they can be used in surface mounting for any type of system:

  • supply of high and low temperature water to radiators;
  • supply of hot and refrigerated water to fans;
  • distribution of hot and cold water;
  • radiant floor, wall and ceiling heating and cooling systems;
  • central heating stations;
  • distribution of compressed air;
  • laboratories, technical and industrial plants in general.


A solution for all requirements

The range is composed of pipes supplied in straight lengths (up to 32 mm for Mixal®) and in coils (up to diameter 32 mm) of various lengths, from 50 m up to 200 m.

The Valsir multilayer pipes can also be supplied with a protective corrugated covering, either in red of blue and can be pre-insulated with a flame retardant layer in grey, blue or red.

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There are different methods for the production of multilayer pipes and they differ mainly in the technology used in forming the aluminium pipe. It can be formed by overlapping, overlapping and welding, or by butt connection and welding.

The latter is the technology chosen by Valsir in that it guarantees a uniform thickness across the entire circumference, greater resistance to pressure and bending, uniform mechanical characteristics, greater adhesion values with the bonding layers and a total barrier to oxygen..


Crosslinked polyethylene

The crosslinking process can be performed using different technologies, recognised by International standards and identified as follows: A (peroxides), B (silanes), C (radiation), D (azo-compounds); the method used is indicated together with the abbreviation for the material, thus obtaining PE-Xa, PE-Xb, PE-Xc, PE-Xd.

There is much conflicting information in the market as to which is the best technology; however, it is not the type of crosslinking process that determines the quality of the pipe but the capacity to produce it in compliance with all the relevant quality standards which are applied to all four of the abovementioned crosslinking methods.


Metal and techno polymer fittings for all systems requirements

Pexal Brass

Press fittings in brass


Press fittings in techno polymer

Pexal Twist

Press fittings in techno polymer


A wide range of accessories and special components complete the system in order to meet all system requirements.

Modular manifolds with and without interception valves, coplanar manifolds, manifolds with shut-off valves, in-wall ball valves, fixing plates for sanitary appliances and many other items...



Reliability, durability and quality are the characteristics that distinguish the range of Valsir tools used in the installation of the Mixal® system; these products were designed to the suggestions of our most trusted plumbers and made with only top quality materials.

Pressing machines up to diameter 90 mm, socketing machines up to diameter 75 mm, pipe cutters, multi-diameters expanders, systems for manual and mechanical bending are just some of the tools that make up and complete the various product lines.

Time and money saving installations

Thanks to their excellent mechanical characteristics the Valsir multilayer pipes can be bent instead of employing fittings thus obtaining significant advantages from an economical point of view.

Fire resistance

The installation of a system must always be performed in compliance with local and national standards and regulations, observing any fire protection provisions in force that may vary from one country to another.

Legionella and treatments

Compared to metal pipes, Valsir multilayer pipes have a greater resistance to chemical compounds and may undergo treatments (eg. superchlorination shock) for several years without being damaged.

Case history

L'eccellenza del sistema Mixal impiegata per grandi opere in tutto il mondo.

European community Palace

Tirana (Albania)

Peles Castle

Bucarest (Romania)

Purpan Hospital

Tolosa (France)

Certified quality

The range has been certified by the strictest certification bodes.



Valsir provides complete support both during the planning phase and on site, thanks to a first-class technical office made up of a team of highly experienced engineers, capable of dealing with the most complex system requirements.

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