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The ultimate solution in case of rain

Outlets and accessories

One of the key elements of the system is the Rainplus® outlet that has been designed and manufactured to meet the requirements and testing criteria set by the international standards EN 1253 and ASME A112.6.9.

The main components of the Rainplus® outlets are made of stainless steel or molded aluminium alloy, protected by a special resin that makes them longlasting.

  • wide range of drainage flows (up to 65 l/s with Rainplus® 110 and up to 14 l/s with Rainplus® 56);
  • Reduced roof water levels required to trigger the siphonic action;
  • No swirls thanks to the special profile of the antivortex disk and reduced pressure losses at the inlet;
  • Low noise levels and maximum operation stability;
  • Easy installation thanks to the reduced number of components and compact size. For example, Rainplus® 56, in the version with horizontal connection, can be installed inside the roof slab thanks to a height of just 104 mm;
  • Connection with the Valsir HDPE system is extremely reliable;
  • Suitable for installation in gutters, even of small dimensions, or on roofs covered with any type of waterproofing material.

Rainplus® Overflow Kit


Local regulations or standards on the design of rainwater systems may require emergency systems (also known as overflow systems) to be provided that are capable of draining unexpectedly intense rainfall that exceeds the design rainfall level.

Valsir supplies a patented product that allows a Rainplus® siphonic outlet to be transformed into an emergency siphonic outlet by simply adding an Overflow Kit that is adjustable in height and capable of maintaining the same drainage performance.

Bracketing systems

Valsir offers a wide range of bracketing systems and accessories for installing the entire drainage network. The Rainplus® bracketing system, composed of special clips together with support rails and relative accessories, is designed to resist the forces of heat contraction and expansion in the drainage network and is available in diameter 40 mm up to diameter 315 mm.

The Rainplus® system also includes clips with M10 expansion anchors, clips for M10 threaded rods also for mounting on support rails, clips for 1/2” and 1” threaded rods for wall and ceiling mounting.


The bracketing system range allows:

  • Easy pre-fabrication;
  • Rapid and simple ceiling mounting of long stretches of collector pipes;
  • Mounting of entire drainage network using a reduced number of bracketing pieces;
  • alignment of clips and Valsir HDPE pipes with the support rail;
  • Capacity of absorbing heat expansion and contraction of the drainage network;
  • Installation without the use of special tools;
  • The clips are anchored to the pipes and support rail using high resistance bolts.

Pipes and fittings

The Valsir HDPE product line for the creation of siphonic drainage systems is available in diameters 40 mm up to diameter 315 mm and is characterised by a wide range of fittings such as access pipes, elbows, reducers and reduced branches.


The use of Valsir HDPE pipes and fittings offers numerous advantages:

  • Possibility of pre-fabricating system parts and mounting them on site thanks to the light weight of the components;
  • Savings in labour costs thanks to rapid installation times;
  • Possibility of choosing from the different connection types such as butt-welding or electrofusion couplings;
  • No material wastage makes it more economical;
  • Increased safety of the systems thanks to the excellent mechanical characteristics of Valsir HDPE.


Valsir provides complete support both during the planning phase and on site, thanks to a first-class technical office made up of a team of highly experienced engineers, capable of dealing with the most complex system requirements.

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