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Thermal well-being

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The so-called “thermal well-being”, that is, the sensation of comfort, which is created within a room, is present when the temperature takes on a particular distribution in relation to the height of the room. Such a temperature distribution is defined as the ideal curve of thermal well-being.

To create “thermal well-being” there must be slightly warmer areas near the floor and slightly cooler areas near the ceiling.

A temperature distribution curve can be traced for all heating systems.

With floor heating, the particular positioning of the radiant panels and the heat transfer by radiation generates a temperature stratification, which is the closest to the ideal curve.

Hygienic conditions

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Floor heating systems do not favour the formation of damp areas on the floor and therefore, conditions are not generated that would favour the formation of dust mites or bacteria or of mildew on the walls.

Moreover, floor heating operates at low temperatures and does not alter the relative humidity of the air, maintaining the best conditions for personal health.

Aesthetical advantages

There are no architectural limits linked to the presence of radiators/fan heaters, hence there is total freedom in furnishing a room. Wall mildew is eliminated as is deterioration of wooden floors and window frames.

Underfloor heating systems allow the owner to make use of all available space; it is also valuable in the case of buildings of architectural and artistic importance where it is fundamental that the surroundings do not undergo change.

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Valsir provides complete support both during the planning phase and on site, thanks to a first-class technical office made up of a team of highly experienced engineers, capable of dealing with the most complex system requirements.

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