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Valsir S.p.a
Waste and water
supply systems, underfloor heating system
and flush cisterns


Accessories for all requirements.


A wide range of accessories and special components complete the system in order to meet all system requirements.

Modular manifolds with and without interception valves, coplanar manifolds, manifolds with shut-off valves, in-wall ball valves, fixing plates for sanitary appliances and many other items provide several solutions for all types of systems whether they are heating, cooling, water supply, or for the distribution of compressed air or industrial systems

Need for repair? The space-saving solution

The repair joints can be used for repairing a damaged pipe within a space no greater than 20 cm in length, the equivalent of no more than two tiles.

The repair joints of the Pexal® Brass product line allow sections of damaged pipe to be replaced in small spaces thanks to the telescopic system of the joints. In the case of finished surfaces no more than two tiles need to be broken.

An essential space-saving solution for limiting the effects of a repair job.

The solution for terminal connections

In order to install flanged fittings for connection to appliances, Valsir has designed an innovative and compact junction box that allows the connection of flanged fittings of the Valsir range to diameters 16, 20, 26 mm.

The junction box allows the pipe and corrugated sheath to be blocked, protecting the pipe and the fitting and furthermore guaranteeing an accessible connection.

It can be used with the various types of fittings produced by Valsir (Pexal® Brass, Bravopress®, Pexal Easy® and Pexal® Twist).


Compatibility with other systems

Pexal® Brass ensures full compatibility with other piping systems.

The special transition fittings and accessories allow already existing copper and crosslinked polyethylene pipes to be connected with ease to Valsir multilayer pipes.


Valsir provides complete support both during the planning phase and on site, thanks to a first-class technical office made up of a team of highly experienced engineers, capable of dealing with the most complex system requirements.

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Silvestro Software

Silvestro is a software program created by Valsir to help planners in the creation of water supply and waste systems. Thanks to its ease of use it allows the Valsir products to be easily adopted in any project.

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