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With its 60,000 seats, Perth Optus Stadium is the third largest in Australia. But it’s the innovative design and technology used for its construction that earned it a major award: the Prix Versailles 2019

For its architectural complexity, innovative design, technology used in construction and impeccable attention to detail, the project was given one of most important international awards, the Prix Versailles 2019 - World Architecture and Design Award.

The Winner S in-wall flush cisterns have been awarded the Best WELL rating for water saving: a useful help for plumbers, designers, architects and all customers in choosing the right WC flush system.

Greater water efficiency, without altering the performance

Drinking water: a resource threatened with exhaustion. In Europe, due to climate change and irregular nature of outflows, in certain periods of the year the total amount of water available decreases and can not meet the daily needs of all people. An increase in the demand of drinking water produces a rise in expenditure for water treatment and transportation and an increase in the energy needed to heat water.

Regarding the ecological strategy ongoing in the plumbing and heating sector, EUnited Valves (the association that represents the main European valve producers) has developed a new European classification system: WELL - Water Efficiency Labelling. Thanks to the WELL rating, the efficiency in terms of energy saving of the WC flush systems are immediately assessed by designers, architects, plumbers and end users.

It is important to know that the pre-condition to obtain the WELL certification is passing a strict approval process - in accordance with DIN EN 14055 and DIN 4109. The tests are performed in an accredited ISO 17025 laboratory only in the case of products with noise levels not exceeding 20 dB (A) with a pressure of 3 bars and noise levels not exceeding 25 dB (A) and a pressure of 5 bar (Class I). The test laboratory is the TÜV LGA which, following the approval assignment, carries out annual audits and inspections on the product, therefore in compliance with WELL requirements.

How to read the WELL label of water saving and make the right choice

According to ISTAT, about 30% of the water consumption used in an average family goes away for flushing toilet (ISTAT, 2005). You can save a lot by implementing virtuous behaviors without compromising the functionality of the wc system. If we consider that a four-member household discharges the flushing toilet at least 12 times per day, the consumption of drinking water can be reduced by 68% using a 4-litre double flush cistern, using the minimum volume of water, as shown in the following table:

Example of potential water-saving

Water consumption for a 9-litre flush cistern:
12 x 9 l = 108 l/day
Water consumption for a 4-litre double flush cistern:
5 x 4 l = 20 l/day
7 x 2 l = 14 l/day
Water saving 74 l/day

For the purposes of the WELL classification and the assignment of related points, it is considered the unit of system composed by the flush cistern and the push plate. In this way, the single flush cisterns (without points for classification) can be equipped with a push plate and start/stop function (1 star) or double flushing (2 stars). With the latter, a saving rinsing is carried out that puts into circulation the exact amount of water needed for the cleaning activity.

cassetta wc winner s

Below is the table with the classification criteria:

Rating criterion Performed by Rating
Volume/flush volume Flush volume (fixed or adjustable) 6,0 l
Flush volume (fixed or adjustable) 5,0 l or 4,0 l
Flush program Undefined flush with minimum volumes
Defined minimum volume flush

Total: max. 4 stars

Winner® S: the 4 star «home» WC flush system

Water is an indispensable resource for existence and therefore needs proper management: this is one of the most important challenges of sustainable development. In recognition of this problem, Valsir is constantly committed to promoting careful and water-parsimonious use of water by producing efficient and environmentally friendly systems, which are respectful of the environment that is home to us.
Below is the WELL - Water Efficiency Label (the "home" category) assigned to the Winner® S in-wall flush cistern: a descriptive guidebook guide you in the reading of main features.

 cassette wc incasso winner s occhio all etichetta en

Look for the WELL label with Valsir and ask for more information. We will be happy to offer you the right advice.

Tropea S: from the heart of our know-how in noise-dampering systems, the silent revolution in flush cisterns


The solid experience gained with noise – dampering systems has been applied to flush cisterns: in this way was born Tropea S, a new revolutionary flush cistern characterized by performance of excellence.

Tropea S boasts all the advantages of the previous cistern Tropea 3, with one very important aspect: silence. Tropea S is the first cistern in the world made of a soundproofing plastic material. Laboratory tests show that the perceived noise from Tropea S is 5 times lower as compared to the most-widely used in-wall cisterns on the market.

We have put the QR code on the label inside the Valsir flush cisterns. It links to the youtube video about the cisterns maintainance! So, after you have installed a Valsir cistern, you can simply forget about it for years! The QR CODE, has to be photographed with the smartphone through the application (Ex. I-NIGMA, QR DROID). The application recognizes the design and links to the video!

Did you ever go into a bath previously used by others and had to hold your breath to survive the smell?

Valsir presents the new anti-tamper push plate especially designed for our Tropea3 flushing cistern

Key Features:

  • Classical and linear design
  • Easy to install and adjust
  • Made of unbreakable metal
  • Anti-sabotage system
  • Double mechanical actuation
  • Available in polished chrome and satin chrome