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Valsir Spa is proud to announce the winning of the BIMobject® “Most downloaded BIM object” prize. This is an important goal certifying once again Valsir constant commitment for technological development and continuous research.

For the second year in a row, Valsir was the only company of the plumbing and heating sector able to stand out on the worldwide market for the success of its Autodesk® Revit® BIM models. Last year BIMobject® - the mostly worldwide-used European portal for BIM objects management – appointed Valsir as one of the most innovative companies for BIM (Building Information Modeling) objects development.
The success of Valsir BIM models was confirmed this year too. During the BIMobject LIVe 2017, held the 10th October in Malmö (Sweden), Valsir obtained the BIMobject® “Most downloaded BIM object” prize.

Among more than 980 international brands and 275,000 BIM objects, Valsir has been the only company of the world plumbing and heating sector to being recognized as winner this year

Valsir BIM models were developed considering users’ needs in order to make design activity easier and at the same time quick and flexible. Valsir BIM models are complete with all useful information and they are created to ensure autorouting solutions allowing to automatically insert fittings and other elements between the pipelines. Other essential aspects:

  • Quick use, guaranteed by templates pre-set settings, by “auto-routing” characteristics and by a high parametrization level.
  • Flexibility: with a click only, it is possible to switch from simple line drawing to detailed drawings, without losing time, quality or information.
  • Geometry accuracy: our models faithfully reflect the product, thus ensuring precision during the study of any eventual interference in the project.
  • High level of details: every project is “searchable” thanks not only to geometric accuracy, but also and especially to the information carried by the models.
  • File dimension: low-dimension files.

For buildings used in the hospitality industry, it is imperative to work to improve the comfort and experience of guests by interrupting the tremendous waste of energy and water that occurs in these facilities due to poor designing choices.

MEP clash detection per la risoluzione di errori progettuali

BIM (Building Information Modeling) platforms, such as Revit or other parametric integrated design software, allow validating MEP projects and checking interference. In the planning phase, it is possible to use BIM integration tools, such as Navisworks and Solibri, to control interferences and perform sophisticated analysis by solving design errors if objects take up the same space (hard clash) or they are too close to each other (soft clash). An interference between two objects, for example, could be caused by a water pipe crossing a wall or overlapping a ventilation duct, or by a pipe from the fire prevention system clashing with structures. In BIM design, the MEP clash detection function offers the MEP contractor the benefit of minimizing project errors without wasting material or working hours.

MEP clash detection for design troubleshooting

The commitment for an ethical and sustainable approach to building - which protects the environment in which we live and takes into account its needs - is at the basis of the design process as well as of the high-rise building's creation. This consideration is valid for the designing and construction of a new building, but also for the renovation and retrofit of an existing one. uesta Every designer and contractor knows that the implications of an ethical approach to building go far beyond superficial changes. Savings are real thanks to the increased costs control and the reduction of mistakes and corrections on the construction site.


iconsiam hotel bangkok
The super luxury Iconsiam complex, the tallest building in Bangkok

In designing and building for the hospitality industry, the role of efficient mechanical, electrical, and plumbing (MEP) systems becomes fundamental and cannot be overlooked. Indeed the sheer complexity of the MEP systems that keep a hotel running is simply mind-boggling: heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC), water storage and water supply, water consumption and water waste, fire protection systems, and hundreds of cables and pipes - they all crisscross through the building structure, and most of them have to guarantee easy inspection for maintenance and repairs, in particular, from the electrical and plumbing systems.

The revenues of many luxury hotel brands depend on the occupancy rate of their properties composed by over 50 floor and 500-600 rooms. A good guest satisfaction level index is one of the main factors for keeping the room occupancy rate higher, thus boosting revenue growth. This is a crucial aspect for a high-rise hotel building and, in this way, an efficient MEP system becomes an indispensable condition that can make a difference. In fact, a MEP system can have a major impact on the level of comfort and well-being perceived by guests and, consequently, on room occupancy rates.

A considerable part of the budget allocated to the construction of new buildings or the renovation of an existing building is often employed to cover the waste and inefficiencies that arise during the design phase. Clients, MEP contractors and MEP designers can save and optimize these budgets by adopting a BIM workflow already from the initial design stage of a hotel.