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Triplus®: the acoustic range is enriched with 23 new fittings for push-fit waste systems

To respond better and better to the different needs of plumbers and designers paying great attention to the acoustic in waste systems, and at the same time requiring flexibility and ease of installation, the Triplus waste system adds 23 new figures of different diameters to its catalogue.

New fittings for push-fit waste systems in Triplus

nuovi raccordi per lo scarico a innesto in materiale triplus

The Triplus® push-fit soundproof waste system welcomes in the range 23 new Triplus figures that will be available from July. The new range of fittings, which includes swept bends and single or double swept branches, is designed in different diameters to meet the many professional installation requirements. This means that Valsir has taken another step towards defining a range of push-fit pipes, fittings and joints for the soundproof waste systems that can clearly stand out - as well as for extremely high mechanical and acoustic performance - also in terms of range width and depth.

The Triplus waste water system list becomes even more complete mostly thanks to the addition of:

  • Long radius bend 87°30’ available in 40, 50, 75, 90 and 110 mm diameters;
  • Sweep branch 87°30’ available in 90/90, 110/75, 110/90 and 110/110 mm diameters;
  • Double swept branch 87°30’ available in 90/90/75, 90/90/90, 110/110/75, 110/110/90 and 110/110/110 mm diameters;
  • 2-way ball branch 90° available in 110/110, 125/110 and 160/110 mm diameters;
  • 2-way ball branch 180° available in 110/110, 125/110 and 160/110 mm diameters;
  • 4-way ball branch 90° available in 110/110, 125/110 and 160/110 mm diameters.

Long radius bend: improvement compared to the classic bend

The 87°30' long radius bend represents an improvement in terms of performance if compared to the classic 87°30' bend: the system's acoustic performance and the waste outflow are increased. Therefore, it can be used in floor-to-wall connections, simplifying also video inspection.

In the absence of proper spaces in the installation at the foot of a column, the 87°30' long radius bend is a good alternative to the 90° bend, as, improving the outflow, ensures optimal performance of the system.

Sweep branch: the perfect synthesis between acoustic performance and waste flow rate

The 87°30’ sweep branch, single or double, is the perfect synthesis between the 87°30’ branch acoustic performance and the 45° branch flow rate. Using the double 87°30’ sweep branch, fewer fittings are needed in compared to the 45° branch, thus making waste systems building easier.

sweep branch45 branch90 branch

Ball branch: high delivery performance and reduced installation space

ball branchThe performance of 90° and 180° ball branch, 2-way and 4-way, are half way between the ventilation branch fitting (VBF) and the 88° branch since, if compared to the classic solution, it ensures a largest mixing volume and, by limiting the size and number of fittings necessary for the system, increases the flexibility of the connection.

Triplus® represents the latest generation of waste and drainage water systems inside buildings

Triplus is the push-fit soundproof systemTriplus is the push-fit soundproof system that includes high-performance triple layer pipes, fittings and accessories that guarantees the low levels of noise emissions required by the regulations, laws and standards in force.

Triplus ensures practical and rapid installation without the use of glues, electrical appliances or special tools, thanks to the push-fit jointing system. The special geometry of the seal and the push-fit socket guarantee total water tightness and allow the normal movements of the pipeline including those caused by thermal expansion.

The introduction of new figures, within the already complete range of Triplus water drainage and waste systems, will allow an even wider choice of possible combinations for waste systems, while maintaining the excellent native acoustic characteristics and the performance you expect from a high-quality product.

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