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Feel WC push plate

Plate flush to the wall.

Feel: Plate flush to the wall

Once a purely functional object, the push plate became an aesthetic element inside the bathroom. Along with design, technology improves Valsir offer: the aesthetic appeal combines the wide choice of push plates fulfilling any client’s need, even for wallflush push plates.

Valsir developed a system that allows a quick placement of the push plate inside the wall. Installation is simple, job is flawless and the result is perfect!

Feel: Plate flush to the wall


This system allows the Valsir Design push plates to be installed flush with the bathroom tiles.

Installation is simplified thanks to a reduced number of components.

The product is supplied with 4 depth adjusters to ensure the frame is perfectly aligned with the tiles from a minimum of 7.5 mm up to a maximum of 41 mm.

The push plate can be customized using the same material used to decorate the bathroom.

The frame is available in polished or satin chrome for a correct match with the control buttons and the bathroom taps.

Reduced size: 215x145 mm.




Step 1

Once the cistern has been installed but before the tiles are laid, cut the protective casing using a cutter.


Step 2

Position the support frame, essential to allow adjustment of the plate depth once installation has been completed.


Step 3

Install the protection device using the plate fixing adjusters.

Use a spirit level to ensure that the installation is perfectly horizontal: the device works also as a reference for laying the tiles.


Step 4

Lay the wall tiles flush with the protection device, embedding the support structure in glue.


Step 5

Remove the protection device and screw on the 4 depth adjusters in the 4 corners of the frame. Cut them if necessary.


Step 6

Position the frame, insert it in the space provided, and adjust the position until the level of the tiles is reached using the 4 depth adjusters.


Step 7

Apply the adjusters to the chrome frame to secure it.

Cover the space around the chrome frame with the tiling grout.


Step 8

Replace the steel centering device supplied with the Valsir Design push plate with the adjuster provided in the kit.


Step 9

Connect the buttons to the pneumatic system of the flush cistern.

Insert the push plate in the chrome frame until the “click”.