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Valsir S.p.a
Waste and water
supply systems, underfloor heating system
and flush cisterns

TRIPLUS: Triple layer soundproof waste and drainage system inside the buildings L02-771/0 06/2016 2.74 mb
Water treatment L02-795/0 11/2016 1.56 mb
THERMOLINE: Crosslinked polyethylene pipes for water supply L02-777/0 06/2016 1.84 mb
RADIANT SYSTEMS: Underfloor heating and cooling system L02-779/0 06/2016 4.19 mb
Heat recovery ventilation L02-802/0 01/2017 3.48 mb
SILERE: Soundproof waste and drainage system inside the buildings L02-772/0 06/2016 1.1 mb
HDPE and PP traps L02-774/0 06/2016 4.36 mb
RAINPLUS: Siphonic rainwater drainage system L02-773/0 06/2016 2.58 mb
PVC Basicline L02-791/1 02/2017 1.76 mb
PP3: Push-fit systems for waste inside the building L0-2770/0 06/2016 2.2 mb
PP Ecoforte: PP-HM systems for sewers L02-806/0 02/2017 2.42 mb
PEXAL, PEXAL BRASS, BRAVO PRESS, PEXAL EASY, PEXAL TWIST: Multilayer piping system for water supply L02-775/0 06/2016 3.03 mb
PEXAL GAS: Multilayer pipe system for the distribution of combustible gas L02-778/0 06/2016 0.87 mb
MIXAL, PEXAL BRASS, BRAVO PRESS, PEXAL TWIST: Multilayer piping system for water supply L0-2776/0 06/2016 1.92 mb
MFV: Simple and rapid installation system for sanitary fixtures L02-781/0 06/2016 4.4 mb
HDPE: High density polyethylene electrofusion waste system L02-769/0 06/2016 2.32 mb
Complete system of connection joints for sewer system L02-804/0 01/2017 1.5 mb
Floor level shower systems L02-782/0 06/2016 1.24 mb
Collarwings: fire stop collar L02-783/0 06/2016 0.99 mb
In-wall and exposed flush cisterns L02-780/0 06/2016 14.01 mb