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Waste and water supply systems, underfloor heating system and flush cisterns

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What are the limits of the Pexal system?

The extreme operating condition is 95°C at a pressure of 10 Bar.
The system can support a temperature of 100°C for a short period (malfunction time).

Is it preferable to use pipe lengths or coils?

There is no difference in technical terms between pipe lengths or coils. The choice is left to the installation technician depending on the geometry of the system: the coil is more economic for a given length and diameter.

Is it preferable to use screw-on or press-on fittings?

First of all it must be said that both types of fittings give the same seal guarantee, if fully tightened and correctly pressed. The installation technician in Italy and in Western Europe prefers press-on fittings, since the pressing operation is performed by a machine, therefore possible faults due to the human factor are avoided (refer to the case of installation using screw-on fittings). The use of press-on fittings implies an investment to purchase the necessary equipment, however this is rapidly amortised by the speed with which installation is performed using the press-on system.

At which minimum temperature can the PEXAL pipe be used?

This depends. The minimum operating temperature is associated with the "non-freezing" of the liquid contained in the system. In the case of external installations, where low temperatures are foreseen, it is advisable to insulate the pipe with special material (a circuit discharge should be provided, if possible).

Can the Pexal system be used to distribute drinking water?

Yes! In this regard we can exhibit the relative certificate issued by the Institute for Hygiene of Padua University.

Can the Pexal system be used to distribute fuel gas inside buildings?

This depends on the regulations that are applicable in each country governing the installation of gas systems. This is possible in Italy, in The Netherlands and  in other countries as Australia, Ukraine, New Zealand.

Can the Pexal system be used for air-conditioning systems?

Yes. Provided the fluid is water, that the water temperature lies between 0 and 95°C and that the operating temperature is less than 10 Bar.

I have to install a system complete with inlet (vertical columns, bathrooms, kitchens, heating systems), is it possible to use Valsir’s consulting service?

Yes! We have a Technical Department capable of providing every kind of recommendation.

Should the Pexal pipe be protected in any special way when buried in the masonry?

This is not essential, however, protection using heavy paper or corrugated cardboard causes no harm. It is important, on the other hand, to cover the fittings using heavy paper, especially if the stabilising material used is rich in lime.

What kind of threads are adopted on the Pexal system fittings?

The threads are standard and are of the "conical gas" type complying with the ISO 228 standard.